About The Authors

A little about Glenn and Sasha

About Glenn:

I enjoy writing and have created several short stories. I am creating a full-length novel series at present.

My other interests include:

Painting in oil and acrylic (past certified oil paint instructor)

Sculpting in various clays and wax


Building and flying rockets up to 20 feet in length

Ham radio (hold the highest license provided - the Armature Extra License)

Computer programming

Designing websites

Shooting (target, not animal)

Carving in wood, glass, metal, and various types of eggs

Recording audio for our stories and website

Creating sundials

and much more.

It is because of the love of my life, my wonderful wife Sasha, that I continue to live and love life!

About Sasha

First, I want to thank you for your interest in our books and in us. We appreciate it very much!

Second, thanks to Glenn and his constant, unwavering support and encouragement, I have "spread my wings" in trying, and accomplishing, a number of creative endeavors that, if left up to me alone, would never have seen the light of day.

That is not because my interest in them was lax... on the contrary, I am a huge fan of all the creative challenges I have tried!... it's just that I never had the inkling that I could do them myself!

But my best friend and husband not only encouraged me to try, he simply told me that he knew I could do it and with that statement, a decade of amazing, challenging, frustrating and exhilarating experiences opened before me.

I have (and thoroughly enjoyed) accomplishing all the following: expanding my imagination and writing (my fave), in various genres, though I seem to keep coming back to the supernatural, paranormal, greater-than-something-seems ideas; dancing (Glenn is an amazing partner and a marvelous teacher!); watercolor painting (there is something about seeing paint swirl on paper that sings to your soul); sculpting using Super Sculpey; wood burning; making and flying rockets; learning to shoot a firearm; learning Ham radio (hold a Technician license), and practicing voice overs.

And a thousand and one other things that Glenn has encouraged me to try.

Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy the reads!

Copyright © 2010 by Glenn C. and Sasha Gabriel.