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On this site, you will find information about the authors, Glenn and Sasha Gabriel, as well as a way to contact them.

You will find a link to download their books, in the most popular e-book formats... the majority for FREE!

On this site, many of the books have a link which will allow you to listen to the audio version while online, or, should you prefer, you may download the audio file to your computer, iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone and other devices. These audio files are in the popular MP3 audio format. In future months, other audio formats will also be made available.

For those books which are not free, you may download several chapters to get a feel for the story, or listen to audio samples of those chapters.

Shortly, you will be able to purchase our books on audio CD's. You will be able to purchase a copy directly from our site, using PayPal. After receiving your order and payment, we will burn a disk for you, and get it off to you right away. It will not come in a fancy box or with a wonderful image on the disk - this is to keep the cost to you at a minimum. Cost per CD will vary, dependent upon contents, plus whatever the shipping may be. Of course, you may always download the books and then burn them to CD yourself should you have the necessary hardware and software.

Below you will find a listing of our current books, along with a short description. Click on the Book Cover to be taken to our Authors Page on Smashwords.com. On that page, you will find several eBook formats you may download.

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