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This session has been designed to support the study of Victorian education. Your students will discover what Victorian children learnt in this true-to-life schoolroom activity! Now set in the historic Abbey Gateway building, just a short walk from the Museum,  the children will really get a sense of history while they learn about the way school was run in the Victorian period.

The session leader, dressed as a Victorian teacher, will guide the children through several example lessons. The children will get the chance to try writing on a slate, and writing with a dip pen and ink. We have costumes for all the children to wear, though you are welcome to come dressed as Victorians for your visit. 

Please download the schoolroom register below and bring it with you on the day of your visit. You may also wish to teach your class 'All things bright and beautiful' which can be sung at the start of the session, words and music below.

This session is very popular with schools, and we advise teachers to book early to get the date that you want. 

Find out more about the Abbey Gateway and the Abbey Quarter here.


A marvellous way to introduce this section of history!

Primary School Teacher, January 2017
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Fantastic, very memorable! Thanks

St Dominic Savio Primary School
  • Key Stages 1, 2 and 3
  • Takes place in a superb reconstructed schoolroom at the Abbey Gateway (where Jane Austen attended school!)
  • Costumed session leader in role as a Victorian teacher
  • Opportunities to wear replica costume and take part in role play -  including (KS2/3 only) playing the dunce and a naughty child to be caned 
  • Investigate real objects from the period
  • The Abbey Gateway has no step-free access and there are uneven steps and floors

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